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The time involved riding chair lifts, while skiing a hundred days a year, can lead to many profound realizations. This short explores the complexities of life as a ski bum from the fresh perspective of actual lift-riding time.

(USA, 2005, 4 min.)
-from the Telluride Mountainfilm festival guide 2005

"What I like about Solilochairliftquist is that it's the rare ski film that goes only uphill. It's all tease and no money shot. By going through everything on a skier's mind, viewers are left desperate to ski, and getting us there is the film's ultimate achievement. It's quite refreshing to leave a ski film wanting more."

Rob Story
Skiing Magazine
February 2006


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Whiter Than A Powder Day The quintessential ski bum rap, Lift Ticket, was unvailed at KOTO Lip Sync 2006. Original recording by Whiter Than A Powder Day (aka Starfish Project)  


I just want to ski. Kant Mak-m, Spiral Stairs, LP. The working life just ain't for me.